"Would we be gushing if we said that working with Callie was the best part of the wedding planning process?! From our initial interview to the end of our Sunday taco brunch, Callie thought of everything and ensured that the wedding came together perfectly. She gracefully navigated our crazy schedules, inevitable family disagreements, and the challenge of accommodating mostly out-of-town guests. Callie was part coordinator, part therapist, and part maestra from start to finish- and she made sure that, at the end of the day, the wedding was what Ben and I envisioned. If you’re on the fence about hiring a planner or even a day-of coordinator, DO IT- Callie being there to manage everything allowed my family and friends to enjoy the day to its fullest, too. Thank you for everything, Callie- you’re amazing!" - Claire Ronner Waters, January 2016

"Callie was a dream of a wedding planner for this bride to be. I was so excited about what I knew would be an incredible wedding celebration but had no idea where to start, and honestly lacked the bandwidth to do it. Callie and my husband worked so well together that it allowed me to avoid the stressful planning and truly enjoy the process. Callie’s fierce dedication to our wedding mantra helped manifest our perfect wedding day. We are eternally grateful for her and everything she did to make 10/17/15 the best day of our lives!" - Rebekah Alaniz, October 2015

"Rebekah and I appreciated Callie taking the time and effort to understand who we are as a couple, what we love, and how all of it would contribute to an amazing wedding. From day one, Callie felt like our wedding day's most avid fan and her astute attention to detail demystified the planning process into something we actually enjoyed. Rebekah and I fondly reminisce about our wedding and we have primarily Callie to thank." - Aaron Alaniz, October 2015

"We LOVE Callie! She was an absolute dream when it came to organization, sanity, and vision. She helped guide us through so many hurdles with poise and professionalism. I can honestly say that we could not have done ANY of this without her, and I struggle to think of anyone else who could have made life so easy. I have the utmost respect for her skill and professionalism!" - Steven Elliott & Michael Duhan, November 2016

"Our wedding was absolutely amazing thanks to Callie! From day 1 we were able to breathe a sigh of relief because she was on top of everything- from the timeline to the vendors and beyond. My husband and I had no clue what we were doing, but we knew what we wanted our wedding to look like and were so thankful to have Callie to guide us through the whole process - we couldn’t have done it without her." - Sami Ferguson, April 2018

"Callie Langford is amazing! The entire wedding planning experience was made so much easier because of her expertise, ability to work well with vendors and keep the couple on budget, and general calming demeanor. The millions of details were handled with aplomb and, as day-of coordinators, she and her crew kept the event running so smoothly and took care of us so well that I kept patting myself on the back for 'Saying Yes To The Coordinator.'" - Connie Miller, Mother of the Bride

"I absolutely loved having Callie as my wedding planner. She is the world’s most organized person, she thought of things throughout the planning process that I definitely would not have thought of! She made sure we had a backup plan for the day of the wedding and also made sure everyone knew when and what they were doing. She even designed my wedding invitations, which were gorgeous and also helped me save money. She seriously went above and beyond with everything I asked her to do and I absolutely could not have done it without her!" - Candice Gallion, June 2015

"We can't thank Callie enough for helping to make our wedding day perfect! We had a pretty long engagement and we were in contact with Callie from the very beginning. She helped to keep us organized with every single detail...Even the emergency wedding day kit. She was absolutely fantastic!" - Holly Steinbring, December 2015

"My husband was more particular about certain details, but I was more concerned with the overall feel of the day. I wanted our celebration to be, above all, the greatest party we’ve ever been to. I didn’t want to be a bridezilla, and knew I wouldn’t trust just anyone to pull our haphazard vision together. In addition to being one of my best friends, Callie is an imagineer extraordinaire, de facto couples therapist, and everything else you never thought you’d need!" - Kelsey Davis Mulkey, July 2014