Dear future partiers,

In 2013, my sister got engaged and invited over 500 guests to her wedding. She asked me to plan it. I was not a wedding planner at the time, but I had spent many years producing theatrical events and had started my career in the nonprofit fundraising event world. I was up for the challenge. 

I facilitated an intensive budgeting process and venue search across the Central Texas area; designed every piece of collateral; researched and secured all of the vendors; built the venue layout and detailed timelines for our vendors, wedding party and event day coordinator (since I was also serving as Maid of Honor); booked the honeymoon; and, at the end, employed my PR skills (I am the full-time Director of Communications for the nonprofit CASA of Travis County) to secure features in San Antonio Weddings and WeddingBee

Throughout it all, I had so much fun working on events again. I had missed the creativity and logistical challenges of planning events... working in the place where business and art collide. After my sister's wedding, three of her bridesmaids (Rebekah, Candice and Holly) hired me to plan their weddings, and a second career emerged.

I love working with couples and their families to bring their vision to life and make their wedding as special as their relationship. Some weddings follow a simple formula, and others break all the molds. I’m here to make the wedding you want possible. 


Callie Langford

P.S. This is not my standard attire unfortunately. It is a photo of my wedding dress from my New Orleans wedding in May 2016